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Online hypnotherapy portal supporting personal development and autotherapy.

Our solution

As part of a project with a code name Hipnoteka, we prepared three IT subsystems:

  • Hipnotyzer Portal – portal for users
  • Hipnotyzer Mobi – mobile application
  • REST API – API server with face and eye recognition

Our solution allows users to browse specialised recordings supporting autotherapy. The user owns a repository of purchased albums along with the tracks, and also gets advice on which track to listen to.

The innovative aspect of the system is the ability to recognise the face and check whether the person listening to the track has closed or open eyes. Customer experience showed that better therapeutic effects are achieved with closed eyes. The developed intelligent system works in both mobile and web application.

Technologies we used

When creating Hipnoteka, we used the following technologies:

  • Drupal – main web portal
  • Cordova – mobile application
  • Python – Flask – REST API
  • Python Open CV and Scikit-learn – face recognition module