We create software
We build IT systems, web and mobile applications.
We plan and conduct R&D
We build machine learning models for your product.

we design, create and develop
web and mobile applications.

Creating modern web applications

We build web applications and IT systems in client-server architecture according to the latest standards. We have experience in technologies like Python Django, Microsoft .NET Core, React.js.

Mobile applications - Android & iOS

We programme mobile applications that are an addition to web application or standalone products. Using Xamarin and React Native technology, we can quickly create a solution for two platforms.

Intelligent information systems

We use our academic experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning to create systems that automatically recognise features on images or in texts. We use Tensorflow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn.

apps we had created

IT systems that we had created for our customers and for our own needs. You will see more in our portfolio portfolio

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ul.Trylińskiego 16
10-683 Olsztyn
NIP: 7393868502


OFFICE: +48 536 995 568
BUSINESS DEVELOPER: +48 536 030 696