.NET, Backend, Web Apps

MedQuest is a medical tourism portal promoting Poland as a place for active recreation and health improvement.

Our solution

We had developed three integrated systems for MedQest:

  • Medquest Portal – web application for end customer with room booking module, offer and treatment module, discount code and payment module
  • Medquest CRM – web application for business customer with extensive pricing management module, facilities, rooms and offers as well as clinic management module and invoicing module
  • Admin Panel – web application for MedQuest administrators to manage, report and monitor the status of the entire portal

The developed system is characterised by complex service for both the business and the end customer. Developing a solution with such a broad scope of work was possible with the use of an agile approach (SCRUM), which allowed for rapid response to changes and problems coming up during the implementation.

The challenge of creating the system was to prepare a system supporting internationalisation – three language versions: Polish, English and German. The developed mechanism allows to define offers in multiple languages ​​by a business customer and, on the other hand, makes it possible to conveniently switch between languages and currencies in the user interface. System internationalisation includes price conversion module in selected currencies based on the current exchange rate of the NBP (National Bank of Poland).

An important part of the solution is the algorithm for calculating current price of a room or an offer and showing customers the best possible price of a curative stay. It takes into account more than 10 variables (promotions, discounts, room availability, number of people, different price periods, etc.) and determines an optimal price for the user in real time.

Through collaboration with MedQest we had learned consistency and perseverance.

Technologies we used

The entire MedQuest platform was created using the following technologies:

  • Microsof ASP.NET MVC
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • MS SQL server database
  • Twitter Bootstrap


We have been working with ERMLAB since 2014 and we would like to recommend its services in the field of development of dedicated IT solutions. ERMLAB programmers successfully prepared and implemented MedQuest.eu – booking portal for medical tourism with back-end for the owners of health centres and our company employees.

From a technical point of view, the most interesting challenges that we brought for ERMLAB were:

  • creating a complex algorithm presenting the offers of nursing homes, SPA centres and clinics that best suits customer needs; the algorithm takes into account many variables such as customer conditions, period of accommodation, occupancy of rooms, number of people in the room, price changes depending on the season and facility evaluation;
  • preparing a portal for customers from around the world by allowing facilities to show offers in three languages ​​and by allowing customers to switch language and currency.

All tasks assigned to ERMLAB team were carried out in a thoughtful manner with a remarkable emphasis on quick response time to specification changes and trouble-free contact. At the same time we would like to point out that we continue to use Ermlab’s services, entrusting the company with further orders.



Grażyna Polkowska
General Manager