analiza danych raporty

We will analyse your data of every size!

We build systems to support processing and storage of large data (text, image, medical, vehicle log books, etc.). We work on data analysis: sales, marketing, sensor data, etc. We install and configure systems to support the storage of large amount of data as well as tools and scripts that will process it, aggregate and retrieve interesting information.

We also provide consultancy services for solution architecture, tools used or the use of programming libraries

We have experience in processing image and text data, we are familiar with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Krzysztof and Przemysław are Computer Science Ph.D. graduates.

Large data storage

Creating database clusters – MySQL

Non-relational database implementation – MongoDB

Building network file systems – GlusterFS
Data processing in the cloud

Detecting objects on images

Automatic photo tagging

Anticipating customer behaviour
Construction of predictive models

Anticipating customer behaviour

Classification of textual data

Searching data anomalies
Data visualisation on maps

Aggregation and visualisation of data on charts

Help in preparing visualisation for reports

Creating interactive charts with data

Services – data analysis

Processing of large amount of data

Fast processing of large data on computing clusters – Apache Spark and Hadoop.

Mongodb clusters

Storing large amounts of data in non-relational databases. Speed and scalability together with your growth.

Image processing

Product detection on images using efficient OpenCV library

Prediction of behaviour

Anticipating user behaviour on the basis of historical data using models from machine learning.

Public data processing

Processing of data provided by public institutions in Poland and Europe. Educational, demographic and environmental data.

Building deep learning models

Building computational models using the latest developments in Deep Neural Networks. Deep Learning.

Analysis of video material

Processing video material, recognising faces, people, tracking objects. Recognising threats from surveillance cameras.

Integration with external systems

Integration of solutions with external web or mobile applications.


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