Backend, Drupal, Mobile Apps, Web Apps

Web application that supports automatic planning of the route, travel schedule and freight costs.

Our solution

VTS system was designed to automatically support freight planning, requiring us to create:

  • VTS Project WEB – web application for freight forwarders
  • VTS Project MOBI – mobile application for drivers

The system integrates the work of drivers and their supervisors. It reminds drivers of all the formalities related to the freight and the type of transported goods. In the event of a critical situation on the road, it prompts the driver to do the actions required by the insurance companies.

For freight forwarders we had developed modules of freight feasibility and profitability which automatically calculate route and cost. This allows for quick verification of the profitability of the freight in question.

Technologies we used

VTS was created thanks to technologies such as:

  • Drupal – main portal for freight forwarders
  • Google Maps API – driver scheduling module
  • Cordova – mobile application for drivers