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An solution for the veterinary industry, communication channel between veterinarians and specialists.

Our solution

TellVet platform is a communication channel between veterinarians and specialists such as radiologists, neurologists, specialists for exotic animals, to whom accessibility is often limited.

Our solution consists of three elements: TellVet Web, TellVet KlinikaXP and TellVet Mobile, and its goal is to facilitate the work of veterinarians and reduce the consultation time.

Basic access to the platform is provided through a web browser (TellVet Web). It is an extensive web application that provides all the functionalities that are needed during diagnostic consultation. In order to consult with a specialist, the veterinarian registers a notification in the system and selects a specialist, considering for example: consultation cost, reaction time, feedback for previous consultations or seniority.

Besides medical documentation of the patient, the veterinarian can also submit a photo (e.g. of skin lesions), an ultrasound scan/ECG/X-ray, a video, a sound recorded directly from the application with the use of a microphone.

A noteworthy element of the application is the tool for manipulating medical images (DICOM file format). This tool can be used to mark diagnostic image with a relevant annotation and to use other available options: zooming in/out, rotating left/right, vertical/horizontal impression, changing brightness and contrast, sharpening, negative, adding text, adding segments/circles/rectangles with a marked length.

The financial aspect of the consultation is also subject to automation; dedicated financial module is responsible for the accuracy of settlements. The system generates contracts, bills, invoices and other necessary accounting documents.

An important facilitator for the veterinarians is integration with KlinikaXP system – the most popular system in Poland for the management of the veterinary clinic. Veterinarians can register any case for diagnostic consultation directly from this system.

It is also possible to access the platform via mobile devices using TellVet Mobile application on one of the three most popular operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

The level of complexity and multitude of functions of the delivered system is an evidence for high level of knowledge and skills that were necessary to carry out this project. The technology that we  used and the way it was implemented facilitate its further development and maintenance.

We regularly collaborate with TellVet company and provide continuous support for the platform.


Working with Ermlab means working with professionals.
The tasks we entrust them with are performed conscientiously and with full commitment.
We will definitely use their services in the future.

PhD Marcin Nowicki
CEO TellVet sp. z o.o.

Technologies we used

TellVet system integrates a set of technologies:

  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Xamarin
  • MS SQL server
  • SignalR