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We believe that modern technology can be a significant support for the development of a company. Process automation, implementation of solutions related to artificial intelligence algorithms or machine learning will empower human abilities and free us from monotonous work.

We believe that the lean start-up methodology is not only an innovative mode of work, but above all a reasonable way to minimize risk and a simple path to business success.

At Ermlab, we’ve been fulfilling our beliefs for over 5 years, helping companies to enter a higher degree of professionalization. Using advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we create personalized solutions that solve real problems and significantly improve services and products.

Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience, successfully combining practice with academic knowledge.

  • PhD Krzysztof Sopyła
    PhD Krzysztof Sopyła CEO

    Co-founder and CEO of the company. Machine learning enthusiast who combines academic knowledge with a lifetime experience as a Python programmer and architect. In his spare time he swims and runs.

  • PhD Przemysław Górecki
    PhD Przemysław Górecki CTO

    Co-founder and vice president of the company. Analyst, designer and programmer with several years of experience. Creator of the application Meteor.js. After work he spends as much time repairing his motorcycle as riding it.

  • Monika Lewandowska
    Monika Lewandowska Back Office Specialist

    She has wide experience in monitoring and analyzing the financial and material state of the companies. No challenge, especially formal one, is scary for her. In her spare time she captures moments in the camera lens.

  • PhD Katarzyna Witkowska
    PhD Katarzyna Witkowska PR & Marketing Manager

    Linguist with several years of experience in the field of communication. Specializes among others in Internet marketing, digital PR, copywriting and media relations. She enjoys the strong non-fiction and the strong coffee.

  • Mateusz Nowotka
    Mateusz Nowotka SENIOR PROGRAMMER

    Programmer of .NET and mobile solutions using Xamarin. Perfectionist who appreciates a nice and functional user interface. Before programming something, he wonders whether user will know how to use the functionality.

  • Szymon Darmofał
    Szymon Darmofał PROGRAMMER

    Python, PHP and JavaScript programmer. On daily basis he works on systems which needs an integrations through API’s, mainly related to the logistic industry. He has an extraordinary talent for optimizing database queries.

  • Łukasz Wolak
    Łukasz Wolak Programmer

    Python and JavaScript software developer, creator of REST API services based on Django Rest Framework using open-source databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL). He starts every project with preparing a complete CI/CD pipeline.

  • Marek Melzacki
    Marek Melzacki Programmer

    Python software developer. Works on web applications, REST apis and data science challanges using various frameworks and packages. Interested in Machine Learning, data science and privately dancing and traveling.

  • Grzegorz Długokęcki
    Grzegorz Długokęcki Programmer

    The JavaScript programmer focused on React and React Native technologies. He is always up for new technologies and innovative approaches. In his spare time he loves skiing and doing everything related to snow and mountains.

  • Juliusz Lewalski
    Juliusz Lewalski Programmer

    Python developer. He deals with data science and machine learning, but also REST API. He is always up for new challenges, mainly technological ones. After hours, he is interested in universal pop culture and gamedev.


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