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We create custom mobile applications!

We will prepare for you a mobile application for one of the popular platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone. We create applications for Smartphones and Tablets using the latest mobile application development tools. This allows us to simultaneously create applications on three platforms, minimising costs and saving your time.

See what we prepared for our customers in selected industries.

Mobile applications for transport industry

Informing drivers of forced stops and breaks in accordance with the Regulation 561 on driver working time

Helping the driver in completing the actions required by the insurer in case of an accident

Implementation of the flow of transport documents with qualified electronic signature

Mobile applications for trade

Sales support in the field by a network of traders

Implementation of the product catalog with full support for the sales process

Implementation of the reservation system for products or services

Generation of personalised offers based on purchase history, geolocation and customer preferences

Mobile applications with the use of beacon

Localising people and items in the store, shopping mall, museum

Showing extended descriptions in the mobile application when approaching product, exposition or exhibit

Navigating clients/petitioners in museums, offices, large-scale and public facilities

Mobile applications for medicine

Implementation of specialist directory with availability calendar

Handling of interpreting orders of medical examination results and medical records

Support for documenting medical cases using multimedia

Integration with medical devices

We will enrich your mobile application with:

Mobile geolocation

Reading user location, displaying notifications near your users

Multimedia support

Streaming and playback of audio and video files in a variety of formats, such as mp3, wav, ogg, avi, mp4, etc.

QR codes

Generating QR codes to scan and recognise them from your smartphone’s camera

Push notifications

Sending notifications from the server and displaying them on the mobile device screen

Mobile payment systems

Integration with mobile payment systems such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet

Communication with other devices

Use of WiFi and Bluetooth to communicate with sensors or specialised devices

Speech to text

Recognition of the speech on a Smartphone and changing it to text, voice command recognition

Text to speech

Generating speech on a Tablet or mobile device. Your application can speak!

App publication

Full support for mobile app publication in Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Phone Store

Integration with web applications

Use of the REST API interface to exchange data with IT systems

Document handling

Opening variety of document formats, such as pdf, doc, xls, etc.

Scalable systems in the cloud

Preparing the application to work with a system based on a scalable infrastructure in the cloud

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